Pioneer. Pathfinder. Ideas-generator and impulse-giver.
Consultant and Coach.

Our thinking and actions are purpose-led, and we create useful and usable human-centered solutions.
We see ourselves as strategic advisors in reinventing brands, organisations and re-imagining work,
putting purpose at the heart of all change.
Clients see in us a work-shop studio driven by purpose, humanity and soul.

Bringing together humanness and brand, humanness and organisation.

And at larger scale a will to connect humanness with purpose-driven work and life.

In our world of digitization, technology disruption, datafication, user-centricty and innovation, we at SOULWORX are all about reducing complexity, focusing on the essentials, and finding ideas and solutions that create value and meaning. For you. For us collectively.


Impulsive. Collaborative. Lasting. Effective.

Within a jointly defined period, we look to execute a fast and efficient, usually multi-phased, collaborative approach that has us in partnership define and clearly frame the challenge, then brainstorm ideas, flesh out concepts and solutions, and finally accompany you on actual design and implementation of the desired and defined output(s).

Give us a challenge in any four of these key areas:

Brand Shifts
Purpose-led brands

Innovation Mindset
Underline innovation with a strategic approach

Culture Change
Shift minds, shift teams
with new work approaches and values

Future Leadership
Embrace inner work, become more human
and root yourself in purpose

We are driven by Agility. Dynamism. Efficiency.
Speed and Integration.

We create the necessary impulses, to help us together formulate ideas and solutions that matter. Simply put, our process is typically three rounds of two week sprints. We build upon the common Design Thinking Methodology, as well as numerous workshop tools and tricks. We like to work openly and definitely collaboratively. Together we'll find the best solutions possible.

Challenge us!

It's intense! You want to shift and we want to help you shift. We quickly seize and understand your status quo. Then, reframe - with you - your challenge. Gain a more focused understanding of your challenge. Collectively and rapidly generate a multitude of possibilities of how the challenge could be solved.

You have a concrete challenge and a handful of selected ideas already? Great. Have us work with you through ideas that can solve the defined challenge. We'll generate high-level concepts, initial prototypes, or simple sketches, that you will be able to share and utilise internally, and help communicate your shift towards a more meaningful and beneficial future.

Let's not talk high-level, let's get down to the essence! We'll define the solution at low-level and create actions plans / road maps in how to design and implement a well-defined solution. Carefully. Yet, at speed.

We'll look to accompany and consult you on your transformational journey, making sure the defined solution is sustainably developed and implemented and will create a place of purpose, humanity and soul.


Respect. Empathy.
Collaboration. Open exchange. Self-management.

We are absolutely convinced each one of us provides themselves with their full potential, when they are in balance with their life and working environment.

Whether small or large, start-up or blue chip corporation, profit or non-profit, we work with clients and companies whom we respect and who we believe in. Our only ask is, you, as our client, have the courage and agility to want to drive change.
We love to solve challenges jointly, and hence get energized and inspired by the challenges we face.

With digitization, automation, virtualization, datafication, all growing exponentially, we believe the question of 'Purpose' is even more relevant today. Hence, it is obligatory for us to put purpose at the centre of our work. With a common understanding of the company's purpose, we co-create ideas and solutions that re-humanise brands, create purpose-led organisations, install human leadership and enable self-managed teams, entrepreneurial minds and help shape value-based cultures.

A selection of our clients

‘The Berlin beverage manufactory needs to focus on future leadership now more than ever. Accompanied by SOULWORX, we put people-centered interaction at the core without losing our levels of quality and excellence. It seems to be working – thanks to SOULWORX.‘

Philipp Raddatz CEO Sales & Marketing, Thomas Henry

‚With the great support and direction setting from SOULWORX we established a clear purpose for our organization, set our mission and created a framed plan of attack for why we are, who we are, what we do and how we do it. A year later and it has been non-stop buzzing! We love what we do and we do it well! Thanks to SOULWORX, we were able to create a well-defined course and ensure, while we grow, to still stay true to ourselves and our values.‘

Jonathan Courtney UX Director, Founding Partner AJ&Smart

‘Within an international initiative and in a short time, we faced the challenge to develop ideas and solutions on how to generate costumer-oriented products in an agile and collaborative way. SOULWORX ran the sprint process operationally and contributed valuable impulses, both content- and process-related, that are now being driven further within the corporation. Not only the team workshops delivered a positive impact, but also the thorough and effective preparation by SOULWORX – We worked effectively, but even more importantly, it was a lot of fun.’

Dr. Jörg Kruhl VP Global Home Heating and Services E.ON SE

‚Agencies, as much as corporations, need to define and clarify why they exist and what stands at the core of their work. They need to understand their self-perception, their purpose and their mission, so as to gain orientation both internally and externally! SOULWORX delivered invaluable benefits, with their comprehensive experience in management, organizational development and digital know-how, and accompanied us with agility and focus in overcoming obstacles on our transformative journey.’

Peter Brawand Managing Partner BrawandRieken

‚We’re a design agency that still believes that great ideas and great design contributes to leading an easier, more beautiful and worth living for life. Thanks to SOULWORX we bravely took on the path of digitization. In a well-organized, collaborative and clear structure, we gained valuable impulses, thoughtful and concrete action recommendations, as well as simply joy in our undertakings. With purpose at the core, SOULWORX consulted and accompanied our transformational journey in areas of organization and structure, process, culture and leadership – and that in a meaningful and targeted fashion.’

Prof. Jochen Rädeker Managing Partner Strichpunkt


Purpose. Expertise. Curiosity. Vision.

Everyone at SOULWORX looks to fulfill their own individual purpose, while sharing a common vision of the future of work and the future of brands and organisations. We combine experience and curiosity, expertise and the willingness to learn, as well as dynamism and drive. We view ourselves as a very fluid and open organisation, meaning we remain transparent, flexible and agile in our roles and orchestration.

We carry more than 20 years of Agency and Strategy Consulting expertise, paired with the experience of national and international corporate environments, solid branding know-how and leadership execution across small and large teams / organisations. In addition, we have a digital native eye on Generation Y to complement us. Our diverse team holds a different set of perspectives and competencies and an “open mindset”, that in conjunction lead to fresh ideas and human-centered solutions.

We are a very complementary team, from which we can draw differing perspectives and strengths. We accept every challenge with an open mindset and we look to to add value to this world in a meaningful and integrated manner. Together with our like-minded partners we create a dynamic environment of self-organization, self-responsibility, flexibility and rapid implementation.


We believe the future is a networked society, hence we bring our share of expertise and experience to the table, and also pair up with valuable partners to complement our knowledge and inputs. We share a common set of values and beliefs with our partners, and very easily work as equals. Our continuous exchange allows us to learn and gain from each other, benefiting ultimately your challenge.


We are not just about bringing change into companies, we stand passionate about human leadership and the future of our next generations. Hence, we also want to make a contribution to restoring a robust social contract and ensuring peaceful, prosperous societies that are becoming more and more fragile. We believe we need to stop, listen, become aware, become human and connect with ourselves, connect at a deeper level with others, and ultimately connect with the ‘WE’ and not ‘I’, in order to add to the collective contributions of driving this world towards a more peaceful, more conscious and beautiful world.

Follow us, read us, join us, or interact with some of our thoughts here.



Our space in Hamburg offers sufficient room for inspiration, ideas and free exchange of thoughts. With a very natural and creative atmosphere, where letting-go and new thinking can occur, our space facilitates and generates exciting new perspectives.

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SOULWORX is pioneer and pathfinder, ideas-generator and impulse-giver, consultant and coach. Our thinking and actions are purpose-led, and we create useful, usable and human-centered solutions. We see ourselves as strategic advisors for new work methods and brand leadership in today's digital era. Clients see in us a work-shop studio driven by purpose, humanity and soul. Hence SOUL WORX.

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